Ian & Debbie, Park Circus and Cottier’s, 5th December 2009

Time for a quick break from the 2009 review to bring you some shots from our most recent Mirrorbox wedding.  Ian & Debbie chose two excellent locations for their day, and we have plenty of favourite shots to pick out.

The bride rolled up in style in a gorgeous vintage car while the guests and groom waited inside the amazing wedding suite of Park Circus. We beat the weather by doing our group shots indoors at the Kibble Palace and then headed for Cottier’s  which had been decked out for the season.  The candles on the tables, Christmas tree and overall festive atmosphere made for a relaxed and lovely evening.

The speeches were some of the best we’ve ever heard.  Neil, the Groom’s brother and Best Man, had an array of amusing childhood pictures with which to embarrass Ian and entertain everyone else.  When the dancing kicked off later in the evening the party quickly got into full swing.  As you’d expect of a Bride & Groom who love going to gigs, the music choices were perfect.  It’s probably the only time I’ll hear Rocket from the Crypt at a reception, but it filled the floor at this wedding.


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