Ian & Susan, Royal Terrace Hotel, September 2009

This was an eventful day for the intrepid Mirrorbox Photographers.  We set out for Edinburgh with camera bags loaded, batteries fully charged and in plenty of time to get some great shots of the pre-wedding preparations.  As we drove along the M8, remarking on the good weather and looking forward to a day of photography, we noticed the traffic getting slower… and slower… and finally coming to complete standstill near junction 5.  Oh no.  Some phone calls and mobile Googling confirmed that we had driven into the tailback caused by a chemical spill.  The worst traffic jam seen in Scotland for quite some time, in fact.

So, what did we do?  Well, turns out that when the going gets tough, the tough get walking.  I packed up my kitbag and set out along the hard shoulder, following a small stream of likeminded folk who also presumably had pressing engagements on the East coast.  Sam was stranded with the car, waiting for the all-clear.  90 mins later in a screech of tyres my hastily-procured taxi pulled up outside the Royal Terrace Hotel with one minute to spare.  I shot the ceremony and the helpful, professional and above all, friendly staff of the Royal Terrace helped out with walkie-talkies while I directed the big group shot from the top window of the hotel.  Meanwhile, the traffic had begun to clear and Sam arrived ready to shoot the family group shots.

Despite such a stress-filled start, we had a blast at this wedding.  Ian & Susan are such a brilliant couple and, luckily, had chosen one of the few sunny and warm days to get married this summer.  They (and their ushers & bridesmaid) were great subjects and made our job a breeze.  The light was gorgeous and the extremely picturesque location made for some beautiful shots.  We stayed with them until their evening BBQ and headed back for Glasgow on a thankfully empty M8 knowing that we had some excellent pictures to show for an action-packed day.


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